Annie Benjamin is saving the world one song at a time. The Lake Highlands resident uses her singing and songwriting to promote social activism and encourage others to make the world a better place.

“I put things in my songs to make people think about how they treat each other,” she says. “I think it works because music speaks to us on a different level.”

A lot of her songs have just a general theme of being nice to others, while some discuss more serious issues. One she often sings is a parody of “Puff, the Magic Dragon” called “Poof, the Ozone Layer,” written by a friend.

“I think if you can approach a sensitive issue in a funny way, people respond better,” she says. “It doesn’t make them angry; it makes them laugh.”

Besides having a message, Benjamin’s music has a unique sound that falls somewhere between country and pop. She compares the style to such ’60s-era acts as Buffalo Springfield and The Birds.

“I think I’m closer to those than anything else,” she says. “My music is a mix of so many different things.”

Benjamin’s second album, “Some Kind of Wonder,” was released recently, and she’ll be performing those tunes at Highlands Café Aug. 25.

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