District 10 stands on the edge of a new era. I am very grateful for the confidence you have placed in me to represent your interests on the Dallas City Council. Thank you particularly to Alan Walne, Donna Halstead and Dean Vanderbilt for their enthusiastic support.


After a vigorous campaign, I am acutely aware of a number of realities: No. 1, our neighborhoods are vibrant and active (note the high voter turn out for our district); No. 2, there are concerns that demand immediate and ongoing attention; and No. 3, there can be a bright future for our area if we all work together to achieve it.


As I begin my tenure, I pledge that I will work diligently, listen attentively and be a catalyst for change when necessary. Our city council needs pragmatic, energetic and conciliatory members in order to move the City of Dallas forward. My goal is to represent the specific interests and concerns of our neighborhood, while working to create a city that makes us all proud to call Dallas home.


Specifically, my primary objective is to address the issue of high-density housing and its contingent problems of criminal activity, safety issues and educational complexities, not only in District 10 but citywide as well. 


My first forays will be into the proper use of City Code enforcement and the effective roles of all city departments, from code to police to fire to sanitation. There are laws already on the books that could, when properly implemented, alleviate some of the problems our neighborhoods continue to face daily.


While my seat on the council is a new reality, I am no stranger to the operations or issues with which the panel deals. My seven years representing District 10 on the city Planning and Zoning Commission, where Dallas’ future is impacted every week, have given me the experience and tenacity necessary to deal with citywide issues. 


My voice will be heard, my energies will be expended, and my community will be represented in a way that I trust will be a credit to all of you who live in District 10.


Thank you again for sending me to the city council to represent you and your interests. Special thanks to all who worked so diligently on my behalf during the campaign. 


Please be assured that I am representing all members of the community and am ever ready to hear your comments and concerns regarding District 10.