In a city filled with restaurants whose main purpose is to provide a place for the pretty people to be seen, Thai Basil stands apart. There is no soft lighting, no plushly upholstered seating, no snooty hostess or waiter.

What is there, though, is what fine dining really should be about. Fresh ingredients piled into delicious dishes at reasonable prices.

If you’re already familiar with Thai food, you’ll find something here to please your palate. The restaurant offers red, green and panang curries, chicken satay, and a varied selection of Thai salads and soups, well known among devotees for their curative powers when it comes to clearing stuffy noses.

When it comes to Thai food, the flavors can be strong and complex. Spiciness often is paired with sweet and nutty flavors. Imagine a papaya salad sprinkled with ground peanuts or a coconut milk-based curry sauce over crisp green beans, tender chicken and hot peppers. In terms of the heat factor, there are no real surprises here; whether you order your selection mild, medium or sinus-clearing hot, you’ll pretty much get what you expect.

If you do crave a bit of atmosphere in your dining experience, then you’ll probably want to order take-out. There’s probably more to look at in your own family room than there is at Thai Basil. But the dine-in experience is made pleasant by friendly service and, at least for dinner, being able to catch glimpses of the tiny staff preparing your meal while you wait.