On Sept. 10, the Dallas Morning News ran a story that I will not run for re-election next year for the Dallas City Council. I was surprised they ran a story on this because I have been very open about my plans not to run again for more than a year, but I am very humbled by the response I have received from so many of my constituents in District 10. 


Thank you for the opportunity to serve the best community in the City of Dallas .  The real thanks should go to the person who made it possible for me to run and serve you — my best friend, Joan Walne. 


She is the one who is in the community letting me know what is going on and who needs attention. Through her work in the Lake Highlands Woman’s League, the PTA at all levels, Religious Task Force, Dallas Arboretum and many other civic responsibilities she embraces, I have been made aware of what is going on outside my own scope of observation. So if you think I have done a good job, thank Joan. 


          The other “make Alan look good in spite of his short comings,” is Patricia Love in the council office. I could not have had a better person serve me and Lake Highlands than Patricia. If all city employees were Patricias, we all would be happy.


Good things continue to roll in for District 10-Lake Highlands . September included the celebration of LHHS receiving the Blue Ribbon award, to be followed by LHHS receiving the Character Counts Award.  Lowe’s Home Center is back looking at the site on the corner of Jupiter and Northwest Highway, progress is being made on the shopping center on the corner of Kingsley and Skillman with new ownership around the corner, and the Richardson School District is working on a great site for a new elementary school south of LBJ that the Skyview Elementary neighborhood should be thrilled about. 


Best of all, Mike Pappas is almost finished with remodeling at TigerBull’s on the corner of Forest and Abrams. When you go in for a great hamburger, you feel like you are in Lake Highlands. Shop and eat Lake Highlands! 


The best news about the city hall is that the budget is behind us now. A new bond issue to be voted on in May will now become our next major objective. It will be a challenge to put a bond issue together that will be embraced by the voters, and that takes care of the needs of the city in tough budget times.


The truth is, we had to consider a tax increase to balance this year’s budget. A big bond issue will cause a tax increase on top of that, with what promises to be another tough budget year next year.