A couple of months ago, I wrote about a terrorist group of junior high-aged Sunday school students I taught in the ’80s. Lake Highlands graduate Brad Longfellow (’91) was one of the youngest ones in that church group, learning every “get the teacher” trick from his more devious and older classmates.

I know he can dish it out…but can he take it? Now that he has graduated from Texas A&M (’95) and he’s teaching Texas history and coaching seventh-grade basketball and football at Forest Meadow Junior High, we’ll find out! Good luck, Brad.

Also last year, I spent several columns mentioning Lake Highlands graduates who have teaching careers in the area. I seem to have left out graduate Sarah Scott (’65) who has taught journalism at Richardson High School for 28 years. Last year, her peers voted her Teacher of the Year.

I got a note from Greg Kordoban’s mom and dad last month. Greg (’93) received his B.B.A. Degree from Baylor University last summer and has been employed as a staff accountant with Delhi Pipeline Corporation.

Greg might want to know about an active group of ex-Wildcats who went on to graduate from Baylor University. There was a good contingent at Baylor for the Homecoming festivities a couple of months ago.

Attending the parade, bonfire and football game were 1975 Lake Highlands graduates Richard Wilson, Craig Jarrell, Phillip Day and Jeff Dulcie, along with 1976 graduate Greg Terrell.

Greg Terrell was president of the junior class at Baylor. Craig Jarrell was president of the senior class at Baylor and was student body president while at Lake Highlands.

I also understand there were some other Wildcats who achieved prominence while attending Baylor. Lake Highlands graduate Kenneth Broughton (’74) was student body president at Baylor and a yell leader. Vickie Mullens (’74) went on to become head yell leader at the Waco school.

I hope you all had a festive and happy holiday season. Now that things are getting back to normal, please remember to write me a note or send a fax about Lake Highlands graduates you’ve heard about.

If any of you spent the holiday in an interesting or unusual way, we would all like to hear about it.