Spring is here, the calendar says. If we get too many April showers in Lake Highlands after all the rain in February and March, we’ll all have to look at the May flowers from canoes. Well, spring break was last month and I’m always surprised by it. My teacher wife and student kids must know, but nobody tells me until the last minute. Next year, I’m going to plan ahead for spring break.

Spring has been a busy time for Lake Highlands graduates planning weddings. It’s always fun when a Lake Highlands High School grad marries another LHHS grad, which will be the case when Susan Seifert, ’88, marries Sam Schlehuber, ’83, next month.

Jason Roberts, ’87, and Kim Ruhly plan to tie the knot May 31.

Jason’s brother, James Roberts, ’84, and his wife, Gleith, recently had a new baby, Caroline. Ask proud grandmother Judy Roberts to show you a picture of her grandbaby.

Jeff and Mary Passmore, ’86, have a new daughter, Kate, who weighed less than two pounds at birth, but is now at home and thriving. Elated grandparents Sue and Bill Passmore have photos in hand.

Do you remember all the columns last year about the movie, “Cotton Candy,” filmed at Lake Highlands High School? Everybody had a story about the movie and I wrote about it for several months. There hasn’t been another subject that has generated that kind of interest until a few months ago when I wrote about Chuck Carona, who graduated from Lake Highlands and is now principal at J.J. Pearce High School. I received many stories about the Carona family, all of them mentioning something nice about Mother Rosemary. Betty Taylor, who was the Carona’s back yard neighbor years ago, wrote about how special a neighbor and person Rosemary was to her. She mentioned one particular incident when Rosemary came over and hung Betty’s wash for her because Betty was 8 ¾ months pregnant. Betty said in her note, “People like me who meet and know someone special as Rosemary Carona are truly blessed.”

Did you know that Martha Carona Lammers (the Plano teacher) played football as a girl? According to Betty Taylor, she was terrific at it. She said you’d never know it was a pretty girl playing such good ball.