In this month’s column, I’d like to profile two very special guys. And if you should happen to fall in love with one or both of them while reading – well, it just so happens that they each need a home. For these guys are really, really special.

I’d truly take each of them home myself, except that I’ve already reached (some would say exceeded) the threshold at the Johnson homestead. Nearest and dearest to my heart is my beloved Pablo. This handsome young German Shepherd mix, about 15-18 months old and neutered, has simply swept my heart away.

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Every morning I arrive at the hospital, and Pablo greets me with a happy bark, a coy little head tilt, and a dreamy gaze as he jumps onto his cage door and beckons me over to him. Pablo is bilingual; I speak to him in Spanish and English. He responds playfully, never roughly. While obedient and gentle with people, Pablo has shown assertiveness with other animals, so he would do best as a single pet.

Oberon is another sweet gentleman of a dog. While more shy and reserved than Pablo, he’s every bit as affectionate. Fearful of young children, Oberon would prefer the tranquility of an adult household.

He’s very intelligent and needs just the right family. He’d make an excellent jogging companion. Has one of these charming casanovas tugged at your heart? Please visit East Lake Veterinary Hospital, 718 N. Buckner, Suite 211, and see if you’d like to share your life and home with one of these wonderful dogs.