When is the one time all residents and taxpayers living within the Richardson Independent School District can come together in agreement and be thankful for their great fortune?

When we watch the 10 o’clock news and see the latest installment in the strange, but true, soap opera known as the Dallas Independent School District.

So, were you a Keever believer? Or did you think Keever suffered from political fever?

If you’ll recall, Bill Keever succeeded Sandy Kress as DISD school board president, whose departure couldn’t have been better timed. It’s almost as if Kress saw the last train leaving the station. (And since it was a DART train, he probably took his car and, consequently, had a successful getaway.)

Rumor had it that Keever ran for the school board, which was to be a stepping stone to City Council, which was to be a stepping stone to Congress, which was to be a stepping stone to co-starring with Madonna in a movie on the life of Jerry Jones, titled “Buckita.”

But a funny thing happened on the way to the school board meeting. If there ever was a disharmonic convergence (i.e., train wreck), it was Bill Keever and the DISD school board and its supporting cast.

In a lot of ways, you just had to feel sorry for the guy. He couldn’t even preside over a regular meeting without having the new and improved Black Panther army showing up in camouflage gear, presumably interested in discussing topics other than algebra and Shakespeare.

“Yes, sir. You in the black beret with the submachine gun aimed at me – did you have a question?”

“No justice, no peace. We shall overcome. I have a dream – and you aren’t in it.”

“Thank you, sir. (To the other board members) Well, I think that’s just one more indication that property taxes are out of control.”

This was destined to be one of those no-win situations. Cancel the meeting, and you’re berated for surrendering to thugs.

Hold the meeting, and you run the risk of violence and injury, and then you’re berated for putting innocent people in harm’s way.

I think, if I had been in Keever’s position, I would have shown up in my own New Black Panther uniform, but my camouflage outfit would have had footies, and I would have challenged the top cat to a couple of rounds of scissors, paper, rock.

Speaking of being in Keever’s position, I almost feel like I’ve been there. My last name is often mispronounced “Keefer” (which is a lot like pronouncing “butter” as “booter” and “pepper” as “peeper” – go figure). And of course, “Keefer” sounds like “Keever.”

I have received all kinds of hateful messages intended for Bill Keever (or maybe those were meant for me). However, I will say that I have not had to wait in line at the ATM machine lately, so that’s been a nice little fringe benefit.

I hope RISD muckety-mucks are learning some lessons from DISD, A district that is now majority-minority and is still under the thumb of a federal judge 25 years after desegregation because it has not yet achieved unitary status is a district that has volumes of experience to impart – but very little to imitate.

In the meantime, don’t we all wonder what intelligence-challenged person will want to assume the lead on the DISD board? In fact, haven’t we just about completely dissuaded all rational citizens from ever wanting to hold public office?

These days, telling our kids that anyone can be president is almost like telling them that anyone can get AIDS – more of a threat than a source of inspiration.

Will there be a revival in the meaning of true citizenship? Or are we condemned to be led (or held captive) by the irrational fringe in our society who wear camouflage gear, yell into the camera and cause traffic jams?

The answer to that question can be found in our homes and in our schools.