By the time you read this, the City Council will have voted to approve the 1995-96 budget. And with very few exceptions, it is the City Manager’s budget.

In informal votes on Sept. 11, we made a few amendments, some of which were proposed at our Town Hall meeting. Certainly, the controversy over the fire safety inspection fee has been of major concern to all of us, and the fee was eliminated during this amendment process.

Other amendments include funding for one-time expenses associated with the opening of the IMAX Theatre at the Science Place, matching funds for the restoration of the Henry Moore sculpture at City Hall Plaza, and several new initiatives in code enforcement.

Of particular importance to our community are funds for the design of an addition at the Lake Highlands North Recreation Center and replacement of the HVAC system at Audelia Road Library.

Enjoy your small decrease in taxes.

Land Use Study Update

On Sept. 5, the final draft of the Northeast Dallas Land Use Study was presented to the community at a town hall meeting and was very well received. The proposal will be presented to the City Plan Commission this month and will be considered by the Council prior to the end of the year. My thanks to all who worked to make this effort a success.

Making a Difference

I thought you might enjoy the following letter from a constituent who is really making a difference in our neighborhood.

“It all started when we moved to Lake Highlands…We were astonished that there were so many stray cats around our new home. I decided to tackle the problem and purchased cages to catch the cats.

“In only six months time, I caught, fixed and released 15 adult cats thanks to a friendly vet who provided medical care very inexpensively.

“I am told that one cat and her kittens can generate 12,000 cats in seven years. Over the past three years, my little effort has prevented the births of over 100,000 kittens – and – dealt with a serious problem in my neighborhood.”

Thanks, Debbie Brown.