“Stupid is as stupid does” may be the phrase Rick Robertson ’75 says repeatedly these days, but it definitely isn’t the motto by which he lives.

Every advertiser needing a Forrest Gump recently has been calling on Robertson. You have probably seen him in MJDesigns television commercials. Look for him in upcoming months because he has been hired for other Gump spots.

Robertson and his wife, Joann, have two sons and are expecting a baby girl around the first of the year.

FROM THE REUNION FRONT: Some news that came out of the 20-year reunion of the Class of ’75:

  • Marty Bishop met his wife on the Internet, as a Texas/Florida hook-up became permanent. Bishop has a new book out. It has a unique theme and could be classified as a do-it-yourself, self-improvement book. Look for it on bookshelves around town.
  • Cheerleader of yore, Walle Adams, is living in Kentucky and working in the sales department of a rock radio station. Her husband, Doug, is studying in the seminary. They have three children.
  • Judy Marr came to the reunion from South America with her family. They work as missionaries in Bolivia.

FISHIN’ MISSION: The Class of ’73 had a quasi reunion this summer. Every year, six brave and darling souls make their way to the Gulf Coast to the annual Fishin’ Mission. The motley crew consists of neighborhood Realtor George Russell ’73, fellow Realtor Randy Russell; Ted Ubben ’73; Mark Hodges ’73; David Archibald and Mark Gilbert (Ubben’s father-in-law).

Ubben is the pilot that commandeers the trip – and the plane. Ubben has a T-shirt designed each year to commemorate the event. They fly into the same airport, stay at the same motel and go out with the same Captain.

This year, Captain Mike wouldn’t take them out because the seas were too rough, but never fear – they did find someone who would cast off in such uncertain conditions. From my understanding, they were green most of the time but did catch a boatload of fish.

Ubben was married Aug. 19 to Drew Gilbert, They plan to live in the area.

A SILVER REUNION: The Class of 1970 will hold a reunion during Homecoming weekend, Oct. 13-15. There will be block seating at the game against J.J. Pierce. Reunion attendees will also attend the Varsity Review, sign up for a guided tour of the school and, of course, the traditional family picnic. Other plans are pending. For information, contact Cathy Hines Hamilton Hall at 727-5103 or Barbara Crawford Jones at 348-0604. Or fax Barbara at 348-0825.

CORRECTION: Some of the information reported on Shannon DeRouselle a few months ago was incorrect. DeRouselle is a man, not a woman. He was the Student Council president for the class of ’91, not the class president. He graduated in the top 10 of his class.