What a paradox. On May 6, Lake Highlands voters get to experience the price of being politically correct and the shame of being politically incorrect.

Is America great or what?

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On the feel-good” side of the moral ledger, the top three contenders in the race for Dallas mayor could have been selected for a Benetton ad: Ron Kirk, Domingo Garcia and Darrell Jordan. We are the world, we are the children…

On March 22, the Lake Highlands Republican Women’s Club sponsored a mayoral forum at Lake Highlands High School. In attendance were Kirk, Garcia, Jordan, along with second-string candidates Billy Jack Ludwig, Roy Williams and Rufus Higginbotham.

For those of you who were unable to attend, allow me to sum up each candidate in a “one-line” essence:

  • Ron Kirk: Let us all embrace one another with one great big love hug, as if we were morning traffic on Central Expressway.
  • Domingo Garcia: I have been shot at by the gangs. I am the only candidate who can survive Council meetings.
  • Darrell Jordan: I am not a professional politician or lobbyist. You can trust me – I am a lawyer.
  • Billy Jack Ludwig: I’m lean and mean. I’m rough and tough. And you’ll enjoy saying “Mayor Ludwig.”
  • Roy Williams: Elect me mayor, or I’ll sue you.
  • Rufus Higginbotham: Dallas can lead the world into the 21st century. (But would anybody follow?)

Need there be any more analysis?

And Now for RISD

As for the sordid side of election day, Lake Highlanders will have to cover their faces as they cast their votes in the RISD School Board race.

The evil slate of self-proclaimed conservative Republicans – incumbent Jim Herblin and challengers Ron Hinds and Brooks Purnell – have had the gall to introduce politics into a school board race. (Recall Claude Rains in “Casablanca:” “I am shocked to learn there is gambling in this establishment.”)

Those “shocked” candidates include incumbent Paula Hibbs and challengers Ron Hughes, Daryl Summers and Anne Barab.

I heard all of them recently at a candidate forum sponsored by the RISD chapter of the NEA, whose many members shuddered at the thought of being in the same auditorium as those “conservatives.”

Essentially, those mean conservatives support home rule, vouchers, more local control, less dependence on Austin and Washington, and reducing the burdens on and increasing the rewards for teachers.

The other candidates are desperately trying to save us from such dangerous ideas.

Unlike past elections, in which liberals hated to use the “I” word, candidates Herblin, Hinds and Purnell embrace the “c” word with conviction.

It may be politically incorrect to be a conservative in Lake Highlands, but the “c” word in this instance is “candor,” and it is refreshing.