We look for value in all aspects of our lives – from the clothes we buy to the retailers we patronize, even the neighborhoods we live in.

We are always looking for ways to add value. We start with our homes. Soon it spreads to the schools, where we contribute time, effort and money to enhance the value of education for our children. By making the community a better place to live, we add value to our lives.

That’s what neighborhood resident Terry Moore is doing – adding value.

For most of his life, Moore has lived in Lake Highlands. As a player for the Wildcats in the early ‘70s to a businessman, husband and father today, Moore is a contributor to his community.

Two years ago, Moore and local insurance agent John Mondics started laying the groundwork to bring Little League baseball to Dallas. It has been an enormous undertaking. But it’s finally happening. They are gearing up for their first spring season of Little League Baseball of Dallas.

To prepare for it, Moore has been negotiating with local schools, churches and organizations to build 17 new baseball fields. If you drive past Wallace Elementary or Lake Highlands Junior High, you can see the work in progress.

But financing the fields and the league takes money. Lots of money. It costs about $200 per player to play Little League, but only $55 per player is charged. So in an effort to raise funds to finance fields and to keep the fees low, Moore is instituting a league-wide fund-raiser by selling the Season Pass All-Sport Coupon Book.

The book contains thousands of dollars in discounts at area sports retailers – from sporting supplies and events to a season pass at golf courses. The book sells for $15.

So if a Little League player comes to your door selling a Season Pass, buy one. Or call the Little League office at 348-8602. You’ll get value for your dollar, and you’ll add value to your neighborhood.