Remember the tiger that was hung from the top of Lake Highlands High School in 1967?

Well, the mystery of this daring show of school spirit has been solved. Tom Laurence (’67) was a band member in his high school days and a staunch supporter of the Wildcat Football Team. He was especially anxious to spur on his team in a showdown against a rival team with a tiger mascot. (He couldn’t remember where the team was from after all these years).

A few nights before the big game, Laurence and some buddies went to the high school with a big, stuffed tiger. Laurence took the challenge of crawling to the top of the tower with the tiger in tow so that the Wildcats’ intentions of hanging the Tigers in the upcoming game would be known far and wide.

Laurence accomplished his fearless feat and disappeared into the night. A few days later, the school newspaper, “The Fang,” ran a photo of the dangling tiger and an explanation saying a member of the football team performed this heroic act.

Laurence kept his silence all these years, until now, just so the record is set straight and truth in history prevails.

While Laurence no longer hangs stuffed animals from high wires, he does brave the demands of running his own business here in the Lake Highlands area. Laurence Landscape Co. has successfully operated for many years and offers landscaping, installation and maintenance. Call him at 341-5763.

Laurence and his wife, Carolyn (Highland Park grad), live in the neighborhood with their son, Barrett, who will attend Lake Highlands Junior High this fall.

Computer Wizards

John Boog-Scott (84) and Tony Goodman (84) founded the computer systems company Ensemble about three years ago. Two other ’84 grads, Thad Chapman and John Calhoun, joined their classmates and helped expand the company to 20 employees.

Ensemble does most of its work for Fortune 500 Companies such as Bank One, specializing in custom systems as well as packaging and selling software products in more than 100 countries. This year, Ensemble, headed by the Executive Committee of LH grads, will gross more than $1 million.

To contract Ensemble or any of its executive personnel, call 341-6789. They mentioned that they are looking forward to the ’84 class reunion coming up this October.

An Outstanding Performer

A big congratulations goes out to Kristin Zoffuto, a present-day LH student, for her selection as an Outstanding Performer at the 1994 Texas State Solo-Ensemble Flute Contest. Of approximately 73,000 students participating in the regional UIL music contests, only 151 students are given the distinguished honor.

To be designated an Outstanding Performer, Zoffuto had to receive a number one rating at Regional and State meets. From these finalists, the judges select the best of the best.

Kristin is the daughter of high school football coach Mike Zoffuto and educator Marcy Zoffuto.

Uniting After All These Years

On July 16, Ann Ziegler Dobbs (73) and Larry Williams (73) married in The Old Rock Church in Cranfills Gap, Texas. The couple and Ann’s two children will live in Austin, where Larry is an engineer for the Austin Electric Company and Ann will teach.

Please Call Back

Notice to the person who called in about the LH grad who opened the concert for Willie Nelson and Ricky Van Shelton July 9. You neglected to leave a phone number, and I was unable to track you down. Please call back. We would all be interested in such an exciting career.