Ever have the desire for a good Mexican TV dinner, but don’t want to stay home?

If that’s the case, the new Pancho’s Mexican Buffet on Northwest Highway in the Northlake Shopping Center may be the answer to your prayers.

A trip to Pancho’s is the same as a trip to the Incredible Universe. The experience is entertaining, the inventory extensive, and the prices reasonable.

Pancho’s cafeteria-style setup offers an all you can eat selection of the usual Tex-Mex food ( plus a couple of things that aren’t common, such as chicken wings and a tasty zucchini dish). Prices are $4.99 on weekdays and $5.99 on weekends. Smaller appetites can try the Fiesta plate (four entrees plus rice and beans) for $4.29. There is also a fajita plate and an extensive salad and dessert bar, as if there wasn’t enough food already.

The interior is divided like a hacienda, with each room decorated differently with tile and wall hangings. There are plenty of large tables for lots of families with children.

EZ’s is more than a 1950s-style greasy hamburger joint. This place is so classy it even sells wine.

The selections include everything from the EZ burger, a half-pound combination of meat and fixings for $3.60, to pizzas, $4.25-$5.95, to rosemary roast chicken, $4.95, to the veggie burger. The latter is a tasty change that includes guacamole, grilled onions and cheese.

Don’t overlook the bean burger, $3.95. It is a half-pound beef patty with guacamole, black beans, cheddar cheese, corn chips, onions and picante sauce. It’s almost more than one person can eat.

The look of the place is almost as interesting as the menu. It is a wide-open space that is brilliantly, if not always tastefully decorated. There are high ceilings with exposed rafters, recessed lights and lime green and shocking pink interiors. It definitely gives you something to look at.