Not only do the former graduates of LHHS reunite and toast the good times of high school, but now the faculty of Lake Highlands High School has gotten into the act.

The “early” (1960-1974) staff members recently started the tradition of an annual reunion. More than 85 former teachers and staff turned out last month at the Richardson Civic Center to reminisce and rekindle old friendships.

The idea originated with Nell Jennings Schad, a member of the school’s original faculty. LHHS opened in September 1961 and added one grade at a time with the first class graduating in 1964.

The first two principals of the school also attended the reunion. A.M. Anderson, who was principal from 1960-1976, and Jimmie Fountain, who was principal from 1976-1981, both live in the Dallas area. Other faculty members traveled from Arkansas, Louisiana and throughout Texas for the night of celebration.

The reunion committee was comprised of 12 teachers from the targeted years. Three are still on the LHHS faculty, and three still work in RISD.

Members were Gene Coppedge, Jimmie Fountain, Bill Georges, Jerry McVay, Fran Maples, Mary Marlar, Jerry Miller, Sue McCaffree Passmore, Jacky Russell, Nell Jennings Schad, Betsy Vandament and Tom Whitman.

Martha Corona Lammers, a ’68 grad and early faculty member, says, “I was having so much fun, I never made it to the refreshment area. I hope we do this every year from now on. It was truly an exceptional gathering.”

The committee mailed out 135 announcements for the reunion. “Early” faculty members that were not reached are encouraged to contact Sue Passmore, 9822 Vistadale, Dallas 75238, to be included in the next reunion.

HELPING FUTURE TRACK CHAMPS: Mike Marsh ’83 is sharing his incredible experience and expertise in track and field with teenagers through the North Dallas Track Club. This organization is for area youth, ages 13 to 19, who have a desire to excel in track through a commitment of personal improvement and hard work.

Marsh’s program emphasizes proper training, diet and a good attitude. Last year, 80 percent of his members advanced to the National Junior Olympics held at Louisiana State University.

Marsh’s experience proves he has what it takes to help young people become champions. He participated in the Jr. Olympics his junior year in high school and was ranked fifth in the United States in the decathlon.

As a senior, he moved up to number three in the country. He was a High School All-American in the decathlon and his Texas Champion record of 1983 still stands. He also was ranked in the Top 25 for all high school students.

Marsh attended Abilene Christian College and was a three-time NCAA All-American in the decathlon, a grueling sport that encompasses 10 track and field events.

After graduation, Marsh competed four years for Athletes In Action at Baylor University and was a provisional qualifier in New Orleans for the U.S. Olympic Trials for the decathlon.

While working on his master’s degree at Northeast Louisiana University, Marsh coached the school’s track team. Now, he has moved back to our area, and besides coaching for his North Dallas Track Club, Marsh also coaches and teaches at Trinity Hill High School in Cedar Hill.

If you know a young athlete who wants to “train like champions,” have them contact Marsh at 283-2038.

OUTSTANDING IN HIS FIELD AND COMMUNITY: Chuck Corona ’64 was honored recently with the Community Builder Award by Louis Preister of the Masonic Lodge.

Corona received the award because of his outstanding community service through organizations such as the YMCA, First Baptist Church and the Boy Scouts. He is also a contributing member of the City of University Park Safety Committee.

In addition to being recognized for community service, Corona was a finalist for the Outstanding Assistant Principal in the State of Texas this year. The honor is voted by the Texas Association of School Principals.

Corona lives with wife Suzette and son Grant in University Park, where he is assistant principal of Highland Park High School.

AN UPDATE: Last month we reported about the Lake Highlands Women’s League 25 years of Service. I want to add another mother and daughter duo who are both members of that vital organization – Dottie Royal and her daughter, Layne Royal Lauck ’74.