Who would have guessed that a part-time college job would lead to a couple of weddings and a baby girl?

Roger Reeves (’84), like so many other Lake Highlands graduates, went off to Texas Tech University in Lubbock and got a part-time job for extra spending money.

His boss threw a big employee Christmas party Dec. 5, 1988, for friends and family. Roger met the boss’ daughter, Stephanie, and sparks flew. Stephanie graduated from Coronado High School of Lubbock in 1982. The two married Oct. 20, 1990.

The Reeves family lives in the Dallas area. On Aug. 26, they had a baby girl, Chandler Ann. Roger works for Maguiar’s Inc., and Stephanie is a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines and will return to the friendly skies soon.

But that is not the end of the story.

At the Reeves’ wedding, Neil Sanders (’84) was a groomsman, and Louann Martin, Stephanie’s sorority sister and a Plano High School graduate, was a bridesmaid.

Neil and Louann had a great time together at the wedding, but went their separate ways when the weekend ended. After several months, they looked each other up and started dating.

They, too, were married this past October, three years after they met at the Reeves’ wedding in Lubbock.

Louann and Neil also live in the area. Louann works for Bloom Advertising Agency, and Neil works for Strategic Telecomm Co.

Calling All 1974 Graduates!

The Lake Highlands class of 1974 is planning its 20 year reunion for June 10, 1994 at the Westin Hotel. Lori Wood is coordinating the event and can be reached at 492-0279.

News & Notes

COLORADO WILDCAT: We heard from Dr. David Sinclair (’70). He lives in Colorado Springs, Colo., with wife Sara. He recently was hired as program director for Glen Eyrie, a Christian Conference Center of the Navigators in Colorado Springs.

STILL AROUND: Paul Holden (’74) still lives in the neighborhood with his wife Jennie, who graduated from Duncanville High School in 1976. He has two children, Chelsea Anne, who attends White Rock Elementary and William Grant, who is a student at St. James Kindergarten.

Holden is vice-president of sales at Wall Services, Inc., a commercial contracting company.

MOVED BACK: Blair Strehorn (’69) recently moved back to the neighborhood. Blair is owner and president of Metroplex Elevator. He has two daughters – Amy, who finished school and is in the working world, and Lisa, who is in her second year at Richland Junior College.

STAYING HOME: Still living in the Lake Highlands area is 1978 graduate Steve Moore. Steve works for Overnight Express Printing and recently did the printing for his 15-year reunion.

SELLING LAKE HIGHLANDS: Living and working in the area is Debbie DeMuthe (’75). She owns a real estate company, DeMuthe Properties, which concentrates in the Lake Highlands area.

TEACHING: Danny Koons (’73) teaches junior high kids in Cedar Hill. He is married and has two children, one-year-old Molly and four-month-old Billy.

CHUCK’S NEW VOICE: Move over Mel Blanc – Rick Robertson (’75) is the new voice of Chuck E. Cheese. The new talking Chuck will begin a national campaign soon with Rick providing the character’s voice.