Did you hear that the Lakewood Theatre has a new neighbor? Well, just to keep you informed about the neighborhood gossip, it’s the Q Grille.

The Q Grille moved in after Mangia moved out. Mangia’s interior remains, but the new restaurant’s food is reminiscent of the Lakewood Grill, which occupied the space prior to Mangia.

Whatever the occupant, the building offers a nice patio area for outdoor dining. It stays cool and comfortable during even the hottest Texas summer.

The Q Grille has a more friendly, inviting atmosphere than its predecessor. You are met at the door, promptly, with a smile and taken to your table. The waiters arrive in a timely fashion and energetically describe the specials, as though they are really interested. They make suggestions and patiently answer questions.

Well, I know we’re talking about a restaurant, after all, and you are probably wondering about the food. It is good, but nothing new – another variation on Southwestern cuisine, with prices not matching the portions of food. But the menu will suit almost everyone’s taste.

The grill list offers a seafood catch of the day, a Southwestern chicken breast and a grilled vegetable plate. Entrees are surrounded by the vegetable of the day and the starch of the day. Prices start at $8.25. The food is delicately prepared and very familiar.

What is interesting is the polite statement in the restaurant: “Reputation, like a good name, is won by many acts, and lost by one. While we strive for perfection, ours is still a very human world. Should you find any fault in food or service or have any suggestion for improvement, won’t you please let us know?”

You know, with honesty like that, they may just fit into our neighborhood.

Q Grille, 6334 La Vista. Phone 821-5328 for reservations or information. Open weekdays from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and 5-10 p.m.; Saturday from 5-11 p.m.; Sunday from 8 a.m.-11 p.m.

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Two restaurants have closed, both on Henderson – Garmo’s y Lito’s and Paradise Café. Look for a version of Gennaro’s, a seafood Mexican restaurant that has had runs in East Dallas and Lake Highlands, to replace Garmo’s.