On March 11, the SPCA of Texas will hold a grand opening of the Martin Spay/Neuter Clinic, named after primary benefactor Mrs. Myron Martin.

Many private citizens and groups donated money to make the clinic a reality. The SPCA will pay a mortgage on this building as it does on the animal care facility, which is more than 20 years old.

On the 55th anniversary of the SPCA of Texas, we are proud of this new addition to our animal adoption center as well as our new veterinarian, Dr. Doug Sanders.

Many people have assumed that because we take in animals, offer food, shelter and a chance for a second life, we also provide medical attention. For the first time, we have a vet on staff to help the animals that come to us with injuries or in poor health.

That’s the good news. We have the clinic and the building but we still need supplies and equipment. Here’s a “wish list” from Dr. Sanders:

• Stainless steel cages
• Microscope (for analyzing skin scrapings, blood, stool and ear swipes, enabling him to detect mites and yeast infections)
• X-Ray machine
• Stethoscope
• Thermometers
• Cotton balls
• Rubbing alcohol
• Eye wash
• Shredded paper
• Cleanser
• Cotton tip applicators
• Gauze squares
• Scrubber sponges
• Disposable gloves/surgery gowns
• Surgery blades
• Suture material
• Disposable instruments

In addition to the mandatory spay/neuters for all animals adopted from the SPCA, Dr. Sanders also performs private spay/neuter surgeries. Schedule an appointment by calling 651-9611, ext. 116.

If you are able to donate any items to the Martin Spay/Neuter Clinic, please call or bring them to us at 362 S. Industrial Blvd.

Thank you for helping us help the animals.