Several days ago, I saw a billboard that said: “Digging a hole is about the only job where you can start at the top.”

We are fortunate in our community to have many Lake Highlands High School graduates who return to their roots. You’ll find them everywhere: Some establish businesses of their own, while others become teachers or television stars or Realtors.

Most of us probably feel as if all we are doing is digging a hole – throwing out two shovelsful of dirt while five more fall back in. But then again, some of us don’t.

Take Alan Walne ’71, who owns Herb’s Paint and Body. And Reg and Tanya Baker, 1969 grads, are the proud owners of Lakeridge Texaco – a true neighborhood service station.

People to whom we owe much more than just thanks are the teachers of our children. Deborah Thomas McDonough ’85, our son’s third-grade teacher, works at Wallace Elementary. Carolyn Payne Matthews ’65 has been at Wallace for 23 years, and her all-state LH husband, Eddie ’66, has spent 19 years at Westwood Junior High as football and track coach.

Everywhere you turn in Lake Highlands, you’re likely to come in contact with an LHHS graduate. If you are selling or buying a home, you’ll probably run into Doug Geldert ’70 at Phil Ross Realtors, where you’ll find a bunch of grads.

If you meandor over to Re/Max, you’ll find George ’73 and Jinna ’75 Russell working a deal along with other alums.

And Craig Evans ’66 handles commercial real estate at S.C. Companies.

Even though she lives in Los Angeles, you can turn on the television and see Morgan Fairchild ’68 or William “Bill” Bickley ’65, producer of “Happy Days” and many other television shows.

During baseball season, you might see Scott Livingstone ’83 playing for the Detroit Tigers.

These grads may no longer live in Lake Highlands, but they still positively affect our lives and those of our children.

Lake Highlands is a great place to live and terrific place to call home. It’s what the ladies who raised money for the community pool called it – a “Leave It To Beaver” community.

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