Lake House Bar and Grill is open

It doesn't look like this anymore. We need a new photo.
It doesn’t look like this anymore. We need a new photo.

We reported back in September, John Schmitz and Eric Paulsen’s plan to open Lake House bar and restaurant in the former Bicycle Cafe spot.

We’ve watched the building morph over the last several weeks. On Superbowl Sunday, they held a soft opening. Gads! We missed it.

The guys told us when we first interviewed them that they plan to capitalize on the popularity of White Rock Lake and the trail that passes the restaurant.

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That hike and bike trail of which they speak is now open under the Northwest Highway bridge, so walking or cycling from Lake Highlands is a breeze.

We’ll report back after checking the place out. Let us know if you’ve been.


lake house opening menu

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  • Julie

    We’ve frequented the restaurant a few
    times and enjoyed the food, drinks and the atmosphere. How great to be able to walk to such a fun place! Close to the lake, too, which is nice for after those long bike rides. It’s always packed, yet we have no problem getting a great table. We’re very glad they’re in the neighborhood and intend to go back for more!Great little neighborhood find!

  • My wife and I walked over there last Sunday afternoon.  good vibe.  good music.  just had a couple of beers and the Mediterranean plate.  We liked it.  As I told the bike shop owner next door when he asked what I thought — pleasantly surprised.  Gonna go back soon.  [two domestics, two imports, appetizer about $25]  

  • Thanks! 

  • stuart

    I may still be a little bitter about losing the Bicycle Cafe, even if it never really lived up to my hopes. I can’t really blame the new owners for that but, so far, the Lake House hasn’t given me a reason to get interested.

  • Oh, the irony.

  • That seems about average for non-fast food in Dallas. Definitely wouldn’t call that “really” expensive.

  • Joe

    Really expensive. My wife ordered two sandwiches for our daughters (egg and bread with tater tots for the side) and it was $20 for those two sandwiches alone! It’s really only for beer social outings. Inside is nice, but surrounded by pavement!

  • stuart

    Cycling there may be easy but good luck figuring out what to do with your bike once you get there.

  • Guest

    CHB, here’s a picture of their limited (put soon to expand) menu: