Food Truck Fridays at the Shops at Park Lane

When LH’s Jana Boswell proposed gourmet food trucks on the Lake Highlands Town Center property back in April, some (including me) thought it was a lightning bolt of genius. While waiting for vertical construction to begin there, bring Lake Highlanders (and their dollars) to the property and get us used to that spot as a foodie destination.

No one bit on the idea, but you can still experience delicious food truck fare at nearby Shops at Park Lane each Friday in December. Food Truck Friday has been drawing crowds in the hundreds to the shopping center at Park Lane and Central Expressway.

“It’s been a huge hit so far,” said Claire Butterworth, of MCA McCrory & Associates, who’s coordinating the event. “We started the first week with six trucks, and this Friday we’ll have ten. It’s growing and everyone wants to be a part.”

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The food trucks, with names like Ruthie’s Rolling Café, SSahm BBQ, Jack’s Chow Hound, Butcher’s Son, 3 Men & a Taco and Trailercakes, have loyal followings on Twitter and Facebook with patrons willing to find them around town. “We have a contest on our Shops at Park Lane Facebook page each Friday, and whoever gets the most ‘likes’ wins a week of free advertising,” said Claire.

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While having lunch last Friday at Gordon Biersch with some Lake Highlands Women’s League buddies, Jana, Debby Kondrach and I ventured over to investigate the cupcakes – purely for journalistic purposes, you understand – and they were heavenly.

Food Truck Fridays continue from 11am to 2pm throughout December.

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  • Ellen Raff

    I think it’s interesting that food trucks draw crowds, when so many retailers and restaurateurs seem to pin their hopes on the high end.  Or is it merely the the dining fashion du jour? 

    Regarding the comments about the location — sure enough, these businesses depend on foot traffic, so LHTC will get them by and by.  Right after the “HUD” funding (which also is NOT about low-income housing, as so carefully explained on the blogs here.)– that will jump start the construction and eventual population of our Town Center.  I still believe.

  • LH since 1981

    There are actually people at the Park Lane project – residents, retail customers, and office workers.  And there are other things to do there as well.  There is nothing at the LH Town Center other than the park (a very nice park, I’ll give you) – no draw to go there.  Although we Lake Highlanders think that Skillman/Walnut Hill is a major intersection, it really isn’t from a traffic or destination standpoint.  Count on the corner of Central Expressway/Walnut Hill being developed before the LH Town Center site.  Just being realistic……

  • Molly

    Is there ANYONE out there “biting” on Lake Highlands or listening to us? We keep seeing these amazing improvements happening elsewhere in the city, more Town Center-esque places popping up, developments like Park Lane growing and growing growing…and then there’s our little plot of land that no one who can make a decision seems to care about.
    What can we do here? It’s time we Occupy Town Center!

  • LHmom

    So what’s the hold-up at LHTC? The last place I want to drive during December is anywhere near Northpark — that includes the Park Lane shopping area…Let’s get them over at LHTC so we can have a peaceful place to pull up and eat AFTER we’ve dealt with all the craziness everywhere else in Dallas.