Restaurant talk: The Liquid Zoo opens, Dot’s replaced with Zac’s

Over the weekend, the new bar and grill The Liquid Zoo opened at Skillman-Abrams in the former Stone Elephant spot.

The Liquid Zoo already has a Terrell, Texas location, which offers a full bar and serves up “home cooking”, according to The Liquid Zoo Facebook page — that’s the plan for the Dallas location too. I’ll check it out sometime this week and report back.

Also, we noted a couple months ago that the Plano Road Dot’s Cafe, formerly John’s Cafe, was closed. Now it appears Zac has taken over. When I passed yesterday, the Zac’s Cafe sign was in place; it wasn’t open yet.

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Will update as I get more info.

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  • Don H

    Well this bar gets a BIG thumbs Down from us…. The owner is very difficult to work with.. We played 2 sets and just decided to quit.. got tired of being told to turn down.. We were on .5 on all our amps and were still told to turn down.. This is an old peoples bar or at least run by one and any band that wants to play here will find this place an unfriendly place for live bands. Wait staff loved… us patrons loved us but owner who is a DIVA, does not apparently like live bands so our advice is go somewhere else, the bar will only have 10-15 people in it forever.. We just got tired of hearing turn down so we quit, no pay, no problem.. We won.. if you like a quiet place with nothing going on then this is your place..Other than that find another bar to go to..