Bicycle Cafe to open soon near White Rock Lake

Photo swiped from the Dallas Bike Works site — thanks, guys!

The Bicycle Cafe is opening as soon as next month next door to Dallas Bike Works at Northwest and Lawther. James at Bike Works is tracking down the owner Armando for us. Meanwhile, here’s what the Bike Works folks have on it:

“There is a new business going in next to us and we want to welcome them our corner. Armando is opening the Bicycle Cafe and the rumor mill is churning out lots of good stuff. I hear tell of breakfast food, healthy wraps, permanent bike storage, early and late hours…

and BEER!”

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By the way, runners, walkers and everyone else — not just cyclists — will be welcome here at the cafe. More news as we get it.

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  • This is great news – love to have a healthy breakfast option (hopefully veg-friendly too) in this part of town!

  • Jason

    Great to have them coming to the neighborhood.  We need more places like this.  I think I’ll ride my bike there and have breakfast and a beer once they open. 

  • cbs

    healthy and close breakfast option…awesome! Not sure how they are going to open given the current road conditions there.