We’ve already been posting lots of tidbits about the State Fair, which officially opened today. Here’s a round-up of what you may have missed:

Editor Rachel Stone linked to an interesting video from the Texas Archive of the Moving Image about what the fair looked like in the 1960s ( at least we think it’s the ’60s.)

Take a look back (or a listen, rather) to last year’s Advocate Radio interview with Big Tex himself – Bill Bragg. He told us all about how he landed this gig and how he developed that iconic voice.

Don’t have time to head down to Fair Park just yet? Check out our October issue for where to find fair food in the neighborhood. Our favorite – Chicago Hot Dog at Abrams and Northwest Highway.

You’ve seen his reviews here on the blog week after week. Stop by the wine garden at the Fair and meet our wine guy, Jeff Siegel.