Out-of-control reader comments

I was just on the NBC5 website because I wanted to post about a story they ran this morning. I skimmed the story before linking to it and then opened the comments section. That’s where I got totally sidetracked. The comments on NBC5’s web page are completely out of control and incredibly offensive even to someone like me who isn’t easily offended. I believe, and I think most of us here at the Advocate/ Back Talk concur, that the host is ultimately responsible for the content on their site, whether it’s staff or user generated. We probably lose some content/ commentary here by closely monitoring comments and making sure they aren’t offensive, threatening or too off topic — but then we mostly end up with higher quality, more intelligent reader generated discussion (not that we don’t our fair share of hurtful or dumb comments too). I understand NBC has a lot of site traffic, but they must have a staffer or intern available to chaperone the comments section. Point is, NBC5 needs to take more accountability and get the crazy story comments under control before I ever again link to one of their articles.

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  • rarepair

    Wow, pretty wild to read some of the commentary about bikers on the NBC5 site. Very inaccurately stereotypical.

    I used to ride a little Honda 250 dirt dauber, hung with the best of them both on the dunes and at the drive-in, cooling down with a cold one. Didn’t bust up the joint, didn’t curse, didn’t get loud or obnoxious, tipped well, just cooled off and then rode home.

    Didn’t Malcolm Forbes with Liz on back have any influence on the changing face of bikers? There are some very fine well cared for machines out there and they’re ridden by very respectable hard working folks. Shoot, even the Hell’s Angels have gotten mainstream.

    So what bikers are the NBC5 rubes talking about? Are they just wasting breath because they’ve nothing better to do? To say that this poor man was expendable because he was a biker – shameful. He was a son, perhaps a brother, maybe a husband and father.

  • Leigh Ann Hicks

    I rarely visit other blogs because of the offensive/rude/personal attacks that prevail there. Thanks goodness for this site! We can agree to disagree, but still treat each other with respect.