Lake Highlands Town Center

When will the first Lake Highlands Town Center tenant be announced? You tell us.

Guess the month and day on which the first official (non-apartment) LHTC tenant will be announced and win a $100 gift card to that tenant, as well as a celebratory bottle of wine!

One guess is allowed per person. Enter date as 00/00/0000. For example, if you think the first official tenant will be announced on January 1, 2014, then enter 01/01/2014. Date must be entered in this format to be considered a valid entry.

Please enter the information indicated below so that we can notify you if you are the winner!

Please note that after submitting your entry, a summary of your information will be displayed here on your website browser. Don’t worry: None of this information will be available or visible to anyone but you, and it will not show up again when you revisit the site.

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*By entering this contest, you are signing up for the Lake Highlands Advocate’s weekly e-newsletter. Your phone number will not be used for any other purpose than to contact the winner.

Winner will be chosen based on the first official tenant announcement in writing from either developer Prescott Realty or the tenant, whichever is released first. If multiple entrants choose the winning day, their names will be put into a drawing with one winner selected at random to receive the prize. Contest subject to close at any time. If for any reason no tenant is ever announced or the LHTC never opens, this contest is null and void, and we all lose.