Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What and where are the Advocate’s magazines?

Beginning with our Lakewood/East Dallas publication in 1991, we’ve been distributing our magazines in four Dallas neighborhoods for nearly 20 years. With a compelling mix of friendly features and hard-hitting news stories, our publications are the best way for our 200,000-plus readers in Preston Hollow, Far North Dallas, Lake Highlands and Lakewood/East Dallas to find out what’s going on in our neighborhoods each month. They’re also the best way for residents to find local advertisers and home service providers who want their support and patronage. In addition to the four monthly magazines, Advocate Publishing also publishes an annual Home Design issue each April. This issue, devoted to home and gardening trends, is distributed free with the monthly publications.

Where can I find copies of the Advocate?

Our magazines are distributed door-to-door to nearly 80,000 single-family homes in our target neighborhoods. The magazines also are available at more than 350 neighborhood businesses. If you can’t find a copy, please e-mail us at or call 214.560.4203 with the date and neighborhood of the publication you’d like, and we’ll be happy to drop a copy in the mail to you free of charge.

If my neighborhood isn’t in a distribution area, can I subscribe to the Advocate and receive it at home every month?

Unfortunately, no. Because we strive to provide the latest in current neighborhood-focused information, we only deliver magazines in our target distribution areas. If you would like to see an Advocate magazine distributed in your neighborhood, send your request to or call us at 214.560.4203. We’re always evaluating new opportunities.

Why cover only certain neighborhoods and not the entire city?

People who want to know what’s going on in Dallas can read the daily newspaper or watch the local TV news. We want to be an integral part of the discussion about important neighborhood issues. Our goal is to cover what’s important to our neighbors, whether that’s a story about a new neighborhood restaurant or business, updates about neighborhood schools, a profile of an interesting neighbor, or more in-depth coverage of issues that affect our neighborhood’s quality of life, such as the residential real estate market, proposed developments, neighborhood crime and more.

How much do the magazines cost?

Nothing. We’re able to provide our magazines free each month thanks to the support of more than 400 regular neighborhood advertisers. If you or your business would like to advertise in one of our publications, please contact us at or call 214.560.4203.

How can I advertise in Advocate magazines?

Reaching more than 200,000 loyal readers monthly, our magazines are the best way to get your products and services in front of interested and affluent homeowners. We even provide advertising-agency quality ad design as part of our service at no additional charge. You can start advertising for as little as $44 each month, depending on your company’s individual needs. For information, please e-mail us.

My customers are asking me why I don’t distribute your magazine in my business? How can I get copies in my location?

We make it wasy to place a rack location in your business. Please send us an e-mail with your complete address, contact information and the type of business you own. We’ll contact you to make sure you’re in our distribution area and a good fit for our readers. We’ll also provide you with a complimentary compact wire or plastic rack — depending on which will best suit your needs and available space — to house the magazines. And we’ll get the magazines delivered to your company’s door each month.

Who can I contact with comments or suggestions about the magazines?

Our readers shape our magazines, so we want to hear from you. To offer suggestions, praise, critiques, story ideas or insights, you can contact us through e-mail, by snail mail to 6301 Gaston, Ste. 820, Dallas 75214, or by calling 214.560.4203.

I didn’t receive last month’s issue. What’s going on?

If you’ve been receiving one of our magazines at your door and didn’t receive one this month, please notify us by e-mail or call 214.560.4203, making sure to give us your address and zip code. We’ll investigate what happened and get back with you as soon as we can. However, keep in mind that if you have a “No Soliciting” sign on your home, or if you live in a gated community, we’ve instructed our contract distribution team to skip your home to respect your privacy.

When can I expect delivery of the magazine each month?

Our magazines’ monthly distribution is scheduled to be completed by the first weekend of each month.