The Exchange Club of Lake Highlands’ annual Fourth of July parade took place yesterday, drawing sizable crowds covered in red, white and blue.

LHHS Highlandettes. Photo by Austin Wood.

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After assembling in the parking lot of Lake Highlands Bible Church, the patriotic procession of vintage cars, decorated bicycles, drumlines and local organizations made its way down Church Road. 

“It’s just to encourage togetherness, community, patriotism,” said ECLH President John Torres. “I mean, those are all the things that we strive for, and it’s fun. You get to see your buddies, you get to see your neighbors, your kids get to hang out in the kids zone, eating a snow cone. It’s just a lot of fun. It’s great way to start the Fourth.”

Neighborhood families lined the street, with children eagerly awaiting beads and candy from parade participants. 

“It was super fun,” said parade goer Louis Theriot. “I liked the length and I liked that they had candy.”

The parade was led by Grand Marshall Bob Johnston, “The Voice of Lake Highlands,” in a Wildcat red classic convertible. Johnston has been the PA announcer for Wildcat Athletics for over 30 years.

Grand Marshall Bob Johnston. Photo by Austin Wood.

Organizations represented at the parade included Dallas Fire and Rescue, DPD, the Highlandettes, LHHS Wranglers, Bell Boys, numerous area churches, Feed Lake Highlands, St. Patrick’s School, Wallace Elementary, Northlake Elementary, the Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and Dallas Elks Lodge 71.

Burger Schmurger, a well-reviewed smashburger popup, was also represented in the parade. No further information was provided at the time, but a flier passed out to onlookers suggested that it may be coming to Lake Highlands in the near future. 

A highlight came when an individual, wearing a full-body blow up bald eagle suit, cruised down the street on a motorized one-wheel skateboard to the applause of the crowd.

The Bald Eagle on a motorized skateboard. Photo by Austin Wood.

After the parade, a carnival was held in Lake Highlands North Park featuring shaved ice, bounce houses, a live DJ and a Pop Popcorn truck.