St. Vincent: HBO via youtube

Annie Clark, better known as the electrifying indie artist St. Vincent, took the Jimmy Kimmel Live stage last Thursday to deliver a headbanging performance.

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Clark joined Sofia Vergara and Andres Valencia in that night’s guest lineup.

The Lake Highlands High School graduate performed “Broken Man”, a moody track with plenty of punk-esque attitude and up-in-your-face instrumentals. It was the first song to debut from St. Vincent’s latest album, All Born Screaming, which was released in its entirety in April. 

As the name suggests, All Born Screaming is a raw, unapologetic look at what Clark told NME was the “grizzly meat underneath of rage and fear and loathing and brokenness.” Well-received critically, the album earned an average critical review of 89 on Metacritic, with 20 positive reviews, and none mixed or negative.

Clark didn’t just stay on stage with her guitarists, drummer and keyboardist, however. The three-time Grammy Award winner stepped offstage to mosh with the crowd before confronting the camera lens with the song’s concluding lyric, “What are you looking at?!” 

In 2023, Clark was named the 26th best guitarist of all-time by Rolling Stone.