Richland College received new trees courtesy of the Texas Trees Foundation.

Hensley Industries financed the project and provided volunteers.

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Dallas College Richland Campus received 100 new trees this month, thanks to a partnership between the Texas Trees Foundation and Hensley Industries. A variety of species were planted, including American elm, live oak and pecan.

The Texas Trees Foundation works to preserve and beautify parks and other public natural green spaces by planting trees and protecting the urban forest for generations to come. Hensley Industries financed the project and sent volunteers to roll up their sleeves and dig in the dirt.

“Trees are the best green infrastructure we can create for healthier communities,” said Nathan May of Hensley Industries. “We are committed to the forestation of urban areas — not only does it beautify the landscape and protect people and animals from extreme heat, among other essential benefits, there are tremendous economic benefits from increased tree canopy.”

Richland was selected for the planting based on research which produced the Dallas Tree Equity Planting Map, which points to neighborhoods lacking an adequate tree canopy. Increasing the number of trees across Dallas is vital to keeping neighborhoods cool, healthy and beautiful.

“The work we’re able to accomplish with our partners is very valuable,” said Janette Monear, CEO of Texas Trees Foundation. “The new trees not only provide benefits for the neighbors, but they also help increase tree canopy coverage and mitigate urban heat. With the support of our partners, our communities will be cleaner, greener, cooler and healthier for generations to come.”

Richland is at 12800 Abrams Road and Walnut Street. If you’d like to help, you may donate to the Texas Trees Foundation here or sign up to volunteer here.