I spent my senior year at Lake Highlands High School writing for The Fang, the school’s student-run newspaper. I wrote one of my first feature stories there called “Gutter Ball”, about the strange history of a lost student bowling club. I also tried my hand at investigative journalism, diving into a then-thriving underground market for counterfeit hall passes. 

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It was all written on my school-issued Chromebook, and promptly emailed to the Advocate hoping they’d hire me (they did). Those days mean a lot to me, and I hope that current Fang staffers are aware of how special their time is as they live it. 

Lake Highlands does a tremendous job of developing young journalists. Just in the past calendar year, the Advocate has employed the talents of three recent Fang alumni, Ava Hutchison, Lauren Turner and myself. Soon, that number will grow.

We always write about LHHS, but who would know better than the students themselves?

Starting in February, you’ll get to hear from those students. Each Lake Highlands issue will contain a student feature that previously ran in The Fang, detailing news and stories from a perspective you’d only get from being inside the school. 

From the Advocate staff to The Fang: Keep up the good work, we’re excited to hear from you soon.