Photography courtesy of Bea Berces on Unsplash

Old Lake Highlands (OLH) is working towards beautification by planting trees in the neighborhood.

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The City of Dallas has provided 15 30-gallon trees to plant in the median of Easton between Clary Drive and Van Dyke Road. The planting sites will be prepped beforehand by the city. The Old Lake Highlands Neighborhood Association (OLHNA) is looking for 10 volunteers, at minimum, to help plant the trees. High-visibility vests and water will be provided for those who volunteer, according to their website.

OLHNA asks that volunteers bring work gloves, spades, rakes and other helpful garden tools.

Children can also get community service hours by helping out.

The project will start on Dec. 2 from 8-9 a.m. Those interested can sign up on the OLHNA website.