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David Finn, a former federal prosecutor, Dallas County judge and Lake Highlands resident, has been suspended from practicing law in North Texas and The Eastern District of Texas courts for one year.

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An investigation concluded his inappropriate behavior towards court staff and federal judges stemmed from his alcoholism, according to The Dallas Morning News. The suspension was prompted due to Finn failing to appear to two of his clients court dates.

A panel of judges issued the order in October of last year, which Finn appealed because he stated it was harsh, pushing the official suspension date back to August of this year.

Finn committed unethical behavior, misconduct, failure to follow court rules and displayed an inability to properly conduct litigation, according to a 74-page report by Fort Worth attorney, Michael Heiskill, who was appointed to investigate the misconduct. The report alleged that Finn showed up intoxicated at a hearing, made a racially insensitive joke, told a magistrate judge to “watch yourself,” and massaged the shoulders and squeezed the knee of a court security officer.

U.S. District Judges state in the order that Finn’s substance abuse issue is “sad” and “impairs his ability to practice law.”

Finn is now suspended from practicing law in Collin and Denton counties. According to the Dallas Morning News’ report, Finn is free to continue practicing in any other federal district in Texas and the U.S., as well as in state court.

As of Oct. 30, his State Bar profile shows that he is eligible to practice in Texas.