Photo courtesy of Mayor Eric Johnson.

Less than a week after the announcement that Mayor Eric Johnson is switching political parties, Dallas County Democratshave started a petition calling for his resignation.

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The petition states that Johnson’s decision to join the Republican Party just four months after being re-elected to the Mayor’s office is an “insult” to Dallas voters.

“This switch is the launch of a selfish and cynical strategy to get his next job at the expense of his current job, the one Dallas voters elected him to do. He is putting politics, and his resume, ahead of the people,” the petition says.

The petition was nearing 900 signatures as of 1:30 Wednesday afternoon.

In Johnson’s announcement, which was published Sept. 22 by the Wall Street Journal, he noted the Mayoral position is nonpartisan, and that he has “no intention of changing” his approach to the job. Johnson said he will vote as a Republican in the spring 2024 primary.

Editors Note: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated Mayor Johnson’s party switch was announced in the Washington Post. The article was published in the Wall Street Journal.