Oak Highlands Brewery is hosting the 2023 D10 Candidate Forum Tuesday night.

Election Day is just a month away, and District 10 voters are preparing to elect a new council member for the first time in eight years. Will it be Kathy Stewart, Brian Hasenbauer, Sirrano Keith Baldeo or Chris Carter (in ballot order)?

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Oak Highlands Brewery and Lake Highlands Advocate will host a candidate forum Tuesday, and we hope you’ll join us. OHB’s low-key atmosphere and great refreshments will make the event fun, and our “Paddles and Politics” format has enabled candidates in previous years to whiz through as many questions as possible to keep voters informed. Each candidate will have a paddle with red to give quick “no” answers and green to answer “yes.” They may also display green when they agree with a speaking candidate or red when they disagree.

What should Dallas do about short-term rentals? How can we reduce the number of homeless persons living on the street? What about affordable housing? Can we improve DPD response times?

These are a few of the many questions submitted by Advocate readers, and we’ve come up with a few of our own. We hope you’ll continue to submit your ideas to ctoler@advocatemag.com and mark your calendar for April 11. The forum officially begins at 7 p.m., but the folks at OHB will have plenty of Freaky Deaky, DFDub, Tejano Pecano and all their other flavors ice cold whenever you arrive.

You’ll find their full menu here.

OHB is at 10484 Brockwood. Election Day is May 6. Early voting begins April 24.