A gathering of drummers from across Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas drew a crowd last week on March 21. The 23rd Annual North Texas Drummers’ Luncheon, which started out as a group of 10 drummers in its inaugural year, had more than 70 drummers this year.

Founded by Shane McCauley, the annual luncheon serves as a time for old friends to get together in the midst of busy schedules. Some of the attendees are either retired or have day jobs in in other fields as educators, waiters, tech, recording studios and more.

Many others, like April Samuels, Jas Stephens and Willie Nelson’s drummer and percussionist, Billie English,have played across the country and with different bands. Stevens even has an annual drumming event raising funds for breast cancer awareness called Breast Cancer Can Stick It Drummathon.

Women drummers, about 10 of them, were a small pool in the sea of male drummers, but everyone made themselves at home like a family reunion.   

Some drummers with anywhere from two to 60 years experience were present for lunch and networking at a Spring Creek BBQ in Irving, a central location for Fort Worth and Dallas musicians alike to meet.

“It is well documented that, collectively, we share a wealth of combined history in the arts/entertainment industries, and have heaps of commonality which we all love to discuss,” McCauley says. “I find that we are all uplifted and well-served by these opportunities for fellowship.”