Editor’s note: This article has been updated to include information received from a woman involved in the incident and to change incorrect information included in the original article. According to the woman, who is a staffer at the apartment complex, the injured shooting victim, a co-worker, despite being badly injured, warned her that the gunman was coming and likely saved her life. Other changes are noted within the article.

Dallas police are investigating another shooting In Vickery Meadow, a neighborhood that has seen gun violence more than once this month.

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This one happened right before 1 p.m. Thursday at the 5800 block of Pineland Drive where officers found one man injured and another dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Witnesses say the dead man shot the other man.

The injured person was taken to the hospital. Police have not released further details publicly, but sources told WFAA the violence involved a pregnant woman who worked at the apartment complex, Metro at Midtown, and a man who pulled a gun, fired at her and missed. The shooter hit and injured a man.

Updated 3/27: The Advocate has learned the shooting victim was a maintenance worker at the apartment complex. The alleged shooter and apparent suicide was a resident at the apartment complex.

According to the pregnant victim, Cecilia Garcia, a maintenance man at the apartments was shot by a resident who she calls Joseph. The shooter, who Garcia says was a military veteran, “went straight to our office where I am the assistant manager.”

“I never had an argument with this resident,” she tells the Advocate. “In fact, when our maintenance guy got shot he still managed to call us and alert us about the resident shooting him, and he told us he was on the way to the office. This is how we were able to lock our doors and hide in our workshop until the nightmare was over. When we were finally able to come out, that’s when we were notified that he had shot himself.”

(A previous version of this story stated that the Garcia’s husband responded and the suspect shot him and then turned the gun on himself, which was attributed to WFAA, however Garcia says there was no husband involved, and that the injured victim, the maintenance worker, was shot before she locked herself inside the office.)

A reporter who went live for Smash Da Topic, said the deceased appeared to be a middle aged hispanic male.

The badly injured man is reportedly clinging to life at Presbyterian Hospital. (3/27) I am working with Garcia to get more information about his condition. Based on her report, he saved lives.

Nearby Conrad High School went on lockdown during and after the event, we’ve learned from staffers there.

Just yesterday police held a press conference related to a March 7 shooting at the same location. In that incident, police are still searching for their suspect, who they believe may have been captured on surveillance video.