Photo by Simon Pruitt

Indonesian eatery, The Koi Way, has moved into Lakeridge Village. This is the restaurant’s second location, expanding from their original spot in Allen.

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Filling the void left by Hei Hei’s closing, The Koi Way offers an Indonesian take on a wide variety of Asian cuisine with classics like sesame chicken, egg drop soup and spring rolls. The menu also includes an “Indonesian Specialty” for a taste of authentic Indonesian flavors.

The restaurant’s signature dish is the rendang beef entrée, which is a half pound of beef seasoned and marinated for twelve hours and served with jasmine rice.

From March 24-26, The Koi Way will be holding a rijsttafel dinner. Rijsttafel is a traditional Dutch Indonesian celebration in which a number of small courses are served in sequence. The name translates to “rice table” in English and most dishes served incorporate rice in some way.

The Koi Way’s rijsttafel is $34.99 per person, with a minimum of two people per table. The space only allows for twenty seats per day during the celebration. Guests can reserve their spot in advance by calling ahead at (972) 685-5021.

The Koi Way is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday at 9660 Audelia Rd St 117, Dallas, TX 75238. Follow them on Instagram for more updates here.