Cleve Whitener was a star on LH’s 1968 championship team.

Lake Highlands High defeated Trophy Club Byron Nelson 62-36 Saturday to claim the 6A Region I Championship and the right to play Friday night in the Alamodome in the state semifinals. The Wildcats (32-3) will face Region II champion DeSoto (30-8) at 8:30 p.m.

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Friday night’s winner will play the winner of Brennan vs. Beaumont United on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. to become the state champion.

LHHS hasn’t won a state title in basketball since 1968.

“This is just a hoot,” said Jerry Allen, enjoying the playoff game in Fort Worth. The former District 10 councilmember played on the 1968 team and helped win the game with two go-ahead free throws in the final ten seconds. LHHS defeated Lubbock Dunbar 51-49 to take the 3A title.

“This brings back memories. It’s emotional because you know what’s at stake. I’ll be hootin’ and hollerin’ for ‘em to go all the way.”

Members of the 1968 team were Jerry Allen, 5’10” Sr; Bill Brock, 5’11” Jr; Reggie Duck, 6’1” Jr; Gary Grinsfelder, 5’10” Sr; Emil Jacobs, 5’10” Sr; Robert LaFevers, 6’3” Sr; Richard Langdon, 6’8” Sr; George Parker, 6’1” Jr; Bart Patey, 5’9” Sr; Bob Schmidt, 6’5” Sr; Mike Scobee, 5’11” Sr; Wyatt Standifer, 6’1” Jr; Doug Tanck, 6’5” Sr; Eric Teter, 5’10” Jr; & Cleve Whitener, 5’11” Sr.

Tickets are available online here. Enter promo code “Home2” for the Lake Highlands discount and to find seats in the LH section. Note: The link and the receipt for tickets say 7 p.m., but tickets are sold in two-game sets, and that ticket is valid for LH’s game at 8:30 p.m. also. If you’d prefer to purchase the all-tournament pass, that link is here.

Spectator info can be found here. Go Cats.

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Bart Patey played on LH’s state champ team in 1968.