Photo by Jose Negrete.

Remember how your mom told you “actions have consequences”? The Arlington Martin basketball team is learning that this morning, and those consequences benefit Lake Highlands.

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Martin defeated Lewisville in their area championship Friday night, but in the final four minutes of the game an altercation broke out, and all but five of Martin’s players were ejected by referees. University Interscholastic League rules say these ejected players — including two starters — are ineligible for tonight’s regional quarterfinal game against Lake Highlands.

According to The Dallas Morning News, video shows a Lewisville player and a Martin player exchanged words just before the Martin player shoved the Lewisville player. Then both boys threw punches. Then the Martin bench cleared onto the court.

It’s unclear what caused the first two players to lose their cool, but in the end two Lewisville players were ejected and Martin’s entire bench was thrown out. Martin finished the game with the five players on the court — and only three were starting players.

Arlington ISD appealed the UIL decision, but their appeal was denied. Martin is expected to add junior varsity players to tonight’s roster.

The matchup had been highly anticipated, since Martin is currently ranked fifth in Texas 6A, and Lake Highlands is ranked first. Martin beat LH in last year’s regional quarterfinal game 66-62.

Tickets to the game are available online here. Tipoff is at 7 p.m. at Ellis Davis Fieldhouse at 9191 South Polk near the intersection of I-20 and I-35E. Go Cats.