RM 12:20 Bistro. Photo by Carol Toler

RM 12:20 Bistro, Lake Highlands’ French bistro with a Southern touch, is closing after more than four years.

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In a social media post on Instagram, RM 12:20 Owner and Executive Chef Erin Willis announced the restaurant will be permanently closed on Feb. 15.

“We managed to barely prevail through COVID, however, topped with the state of the economy, competing with deep pocket restaurants, lack of weekday traffic, it is not conducive to keep our doors open,” Willis wrote in the post.

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“We hope you enjoy one last meal with us and to bring some light during this tough time, share your favorite memories at RM, send love to our incredible staff or let us know what was your favorite dish,” Willis continued.

The restaurant’s menu included burgers, salads, soufflés, oysters and weekend brunch. There were also the occasional live music performances.

RM 12:20 Bistro is located in Lakeridge Village Shopping Center at 9850 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 305.