Atatiana Jefferson

A jury has been selected in the Fort Worth murder trial of a police officer who killed 2010 Lake Highlands High School graduate Atatiana Jefferson, WFAA reports.

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Twelve jurors and two alternates will participate, including several people of color. No Black members from the pool were chosen. Defendant Aaron Dean is white. Jefferson is Black.

During the voir dire process to weed out potential jurors holding bias toward one side or the other, several panelists admitted they’d be inclined to favor law enforcement officers.

“I am sick and tired about the way police officers are treated and how they do their jobs,” said one juror. “You could present your case, but I am not going to be unbiased. I couldn’t convict any law enforcement of murder while involved in a shooting, because they are doing their jobs and trying to come home to their families.”

“You will have an uphill battle convincing me that 10 seconds you can get into his mind and see what he saw and heard,” agreed another, a 32-year veteran officer in Tarrant County.

Jefferson was in her mother’s home babysitting her nephew in 2019 when Dean shot her through the window. The officer was responding to a non-emergency call regarding a door left open.

Opening arguments begin at 9 a.m. Monday morning.