From left to right, two women, one man, another woman, and a man dig into a rectangular planter of dirt in front of a grey and purple building. A sign says "Annie's Place."

The groundbreaking ceremony for Annie’s Place Learning Center took place on Nov. 16, 2022. Photo courtesy of Mommies in Need.

On Wednesday, Mommies in Need broke ground on a 4,800 square foot expansion to Annie’s Place, their childcare center at Parkland Hospital.

Annie’s Place provides childcare to the children of parents undergoing medical treatments. It was originally intended for families experiencing what Mommies in Need calls “health crises,” such as a cancer diagnosis, but now parents who are going to the doctor for something as ordinary as a vaccine can access the childcare services. Annie’s Place also serves children of hospital employees, and this expansion is intended for them.

The expansion, which will be called Annie’s Place Learning Center, will provide a hundred full-time spots for children of hospital employees. Half of the spots will be reserved for low-income families.

Natalie Boyle, the founder and CEO of Mommies in Need, and Felicia Miller, the project’s executive sponsor and the executive vice president at Parkland Health, spoke at the groundbreaking ceremony.

“For our employees at Parkland, this should be an amazing resource to provide peace of mind,” Miller said.

Annie’s Place was founded in November 2020. In the past two years, Boyle says the center has cared for 625 unique children. There are currently 30 daily spots for patients’ children, and the center also has a play therapist on staff who can help kids express their feelings about their parents’ diagnoses.

For more information about Mommies in Need, or to reserve a spot for your child at Annie’s Place, visit their website.