Photo courtesy of Metro Creative Graphics.

The City of Dallas is changing its trash and recycling collection days.

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Changes, effective Dec. 5, are affecting 56% of Department of Sanitation customers.

Right now, sanitation collects trash and recycling on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, with employees working 10-12 hours each day to complete routes.

The new schedule calls for collections over five days, Monday-Friday. This will allow for more efficient use of equipment, reduced emissions and fewer trips to and from the landfill, transfer stations and material recover facility. It will also shorten the work days for sanitation crews to eight hours. Also, any maintenance on equipment can begin earlier each day.

Search by your address here to be sure, but overall, much of Lake Highlands and Vickery Meadow are scheduled for Friday pickup, a section near LBJ and Central are scheduled for Tuesday pickup, and neighborhoods west of White Rock Lake are scheduled for Thursday pickup.