Dallas police officers arrested a man who allegedly brought a gun into Wildcat Ram Stadium during Friday night’s football game between Lake Highlands and Berkner High School. Police say the man has been charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon in prohibited places, a 2nd degree felony since weapons are not permitted on school grounds or at a school-sponsored activity. No one was injured.

The incident began about 7:20 p.m., when a witness approached Richardson police officers serving on the Berkner (home side) of the stadium to report seeing a gun being passed through the stadium’s fence line. Berkner and LHHS share the facility, and Berkner was the home team Friday night. Richardson officers notified DPD officers on site, who located the reported person, 17-year-old Marktavis Hicks. Hicks was detained and handcuffed. As Hicks was being walked out, a handgun fell from his pants onto the ground.

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In a message to parents sent jointly by Berkner and LHHS principals, Kristy Cage and Kerri Jones explained that Hicks is not an RISD student and was apparently attempting to circumvent the portable metal detectors which had been installed at the stadium’s entry. Metal detectors have been used periodically at RISD stadiums this season as a deterrent to prohibited items and are periodically used in schools, according to Tim Clark, RISD’s executive director of communications.

The two principals thanked Dallas and Richardson police officers, RISD Safety and Security officials and others who addressed the danger quickly and safely. They praised RISD security protocols, which worked as intended, they said.

RISD officials have not said whether metal detectors will be used at this Friday’s home game against Irving Nimitz. Rules designed to ensure the security of game attendees will be strictly enforced, including:

  • Only clear or approved bags are allowed,
  • Alcoholic beverages, outside food or drink, tobacco products and weapons are prohibited,
  • Footballs and other balls are prohibited,
  • Signs must be positive and may not block the view of others, and
  • Patrons who leave must purchase a new ticket to enter.