There’s still time to send in your art for Bath House Cultural Center’s Day of the Dead art show.

This year’s 36th annual Dia de Muertos: Estampas de Vida exhibit stands out from previous years because all art mediums are welcome, not just printmakers. Applications can be submitted until Monday, Sept. 19. 

The event, curated by Enrique Fernández Cervantes, will still highlight printmaking because of its significance in Day of the Dead festivities and use by artists in Mexico, where the holiday originates. Altar submissions are accepted, but only with an additional emailed proposal.

As the Mexican tradition of the holiday goes, every year spirits of the dead visit their families on Nov. 1-2. During that time, people celebrate and build altars to remember and welcome back the dead.

As the Bath House website is under construction, applications will be sent through the Dallas Office of Arts and Culture website.

Selections for the exhibit will be announced Tuesday, Sept. 20, and the exhibit will be from Oct. 15 – Nov. 5. For more information, email Enrique Fernández Cervantes at