Students are heading back to school in Richardson ISD starting Tuesday, which also means teachers will be hard at work. But how do new teacher salaries compare?

Average starting salary for new teachers in the district is $57,000. Their pay increased by $2,000 from $55,000 the previous year.

Returning teachers, on the other hand, received a pay raise of up to 5% depending on how many years they have spent in the district.

The longer tenure, the more pay a teacher receives in addition to a stipend. It’s $1,500 for one to 10 years experience and $2,000 for 11 or more years experience.

Starting teacher salary in Dallas ISD, by comparison is $60,000. That increase was approved for the 2022-23 school budget along with hiring incentives, according to DISD Hub.

The average teacher salary in Texas is $59,242 and new teacher salary is $50,172, according to a study by scholarship and education research site Scholaroo.

Rankings of new teacher starting salaries. Map via Scholaroo.

Our state in general fares better for teacher pay.

We’re No. 3 in the country for starting teacher salaries (behind New Jersey and Wyoming in first and second place respectively).

Also, new teachers are able to “afford their rents comfortably by spending an average of 29.3% of their salary on rent.”

Overall, Texas comes in at No. 30 in the country for teacher salary and compensation and No. 33 for average teacher salary.