The barbecue world is traditionally known for pork ribs. However, Back Country Barbecue also specializes in beef ribs, says Scott Collard, who has owned the eatery for six years. 

He took the reins after 40 years of managing another barbecue place in Dallas. The beef ribs, he says, are a small way to improve the already successful local business.  

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“There’s two different styles of beef ribs. I do what they call the back rib, which is from the back of the cow and I get an extra meating so they’ve always got meat on them,” he says. 

He has added chicken to the menu. While he recognizes chicken breast is a bit difficult to cook, he wants to please all customers, he says, and many of them wanted chicken. 

“It’s all about customer service and putting out good food for the customers,” he says. His priority is the entire customer experience while in his restaurant, Collard says.

The Back Country Barbecue menu is close to the same way it was before Collard came in. He says he wanted to keep the traditional menu and tweak it as the company grows. 

Collard recommends the menu’s “classic combo” for barbecue first timers, because that gives them a little of everything.

That’s “a three-meat combo of beef, sausage and pork ribs … I’ll suggest the beef ribs too,” he adds. 

The neighborhood’s appreciation for Back Country Barbecue is evident in the various flags and trinkets throughout the dining room, which Collard says customers have given the restaurant.