Following a dispute over an order, a Taco Bell manager poured hot water on a girl and woman. Google Maps.

A woman and her niece are suing Taco Bell after an employee allegedly poured boiling water on them after a complaint over an order.

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The incident happened on June 17 at the Taco Bell on 11829 Abrams Road. A lawsuit was filed on July 13 by attorneys Ben Crump and Paul Grinke on behalf of the customers identified as Brittany Davis and C.T. (referred to by initials since she’s a minor).

On the day of the incident, Davis and her niece were at the Taco Bell drive thru and received the wrong order three times, according to Dallas News.

They then went inside the restaurant and spoke with an employee behind the cash register. Another employee in the kitchen, who was not involved in the conversation, filled a bucket with steaming water before tossing it on Davis and C.T..

Davis and C.T. attempted to flee afterward, but the doors were locked. The employe followed after them with another bucket of boiling water before they managed to escape.

The suit states that as the two were leaving the parking lot, “a Taco Bell employee came outside the door laughing, clapping and taunting the family.”

Both Davis and C.T. suffered burns to their bodies and were taken to emergency. By the time Davis was transported to the hospital, she had suffered 10 seizures, according to the suit.

“Brittany suffered deep burns on her chest and stomach with significant damage to her brain function due to the seizures causing her to lose some of her memory,” the suit states.

C.T. also suffered burns on her face, chest, arms, stomach and legs.

The lawsuit names Yum! Brands, Taco Bell Corp, Taco Bell of North America, North Texas Bells Inc., Taco Bell Store #22872 and two unnamed employees as defendants. The plaintiffs are seeking $1 million in damages.

A video from the Taco Bell security footage can be viewed below.

Warning: The following video from WFAA contains content that may be graphic.