Kufi Krew

A new film by local creators Dylan Hollingsworth and Wheeler Sparks examines America’s reportedly first Muslim fraternity, a group of students from University of Texas at Dallas, in “Kufi Krew: An American Story.”

“While the story starts with intensity and cultural conflict, we think you’ll find the broader story itself contains much higher hanging fruit,” notes the filmmaker on Instagram. “This is a film about true community, family, the pursuit of love, generational conflict, coming of age and what happens when opposing ideas meet. We worked on it for quite some time yet feel it’s a timeless story that scratches at some of what it means to be human.”

Daniel Hart — a Lake Highlands native well known for his amazing film scores — lent his talent to the movie.

The filmmakers thank those involved including contributors to the initial Kickstarter campaign, “for support that helped a couple of first time filmmakers do do what we couldn’t do on our own- finish and deliver to the world.”

The movie is available on Amazon Prime now.